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Bio: Kitty Pryde

Kitty Pryde spent her entire childhood feeling a little invisible. As a teenager, she worked her hardest to look like everyone else, act like everyone else, like the same things that they liked so that maybe she’d fit in and the other girls in her class would notice her or want to be friends with her, but it never seemed to work. She always blended into the background, too quiet to be heard and too well-behaved to get any real attention.

So when she turned eighteen she left her suburb of Chicago and moved to New York to reinvent herself, and apparently a new start is all she needed. Now she’s a sophomore Sociology major at Columbia and much more outgoing than she was before. But sometimes she’s afraid that her friends don’t really like her, or that her boyfriend will end up leaving her for someone prettier, or that she’ll turn back into the quiet, introverted little girl that nobody noticed in the back of the classroom.

She’s always been very close to her parents, and calls them frequently when she starts to feel bad. She can’t always afford to fly home for breaks, and that’s the only thing she doesn’t like about being in New York. But she adores the city, adores her classes, and especially adores Professor Lehnsherr, whose Jewish Studies class she took her first semester and with whom she’s been taking classes ever since.

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Bobby Drake’s Bio


Born to the Drake’s, a middle class family in NY, Bobby is the middle in a family of three other siblings. For one reason or another, he always found that every mistake or accomplishment his other siblings would make would always come back to him. His father and mother always try to make sure that Bobby is the best that he could be, even though his best is never good enough. They expect sheer perfection out of him, wanting him to be the golden child who never fails.  When his parents realized that their son wasn’t going to be first in his class, they shipped him off to boarding school.

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John Allerdyce


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